LED Interior and Exterior Bulbs for 1991-2005 Acura NSX

The first generation Acura NSX definitely has a timeless design. However, some aspects of it are dated now. A quick, easy and cost-effective way to modernize your NSX is to update the lighting, both inside and out. Continue reading “LED Interior and Exterior Bulbs for 1991-2005 Acura NSX”

DIY: Acura NSX Rear Trunk Spoiler Replacement Installation Instructions

If you have a 1991 through 2005 Acura NSX and would like to replace the rear spoiler (aka trunk spoiler wing) with another OEM part or aftermarket spoiler, here’s how to do it:

Job: Install New Rear Wing on Acura NSX

Difficulty: Medium

Time: Less than 1 hour

Tools/parts required: Ratchet with 10 mm socket with extension or a deep socket, wire crimper/stripper, 2 butt splice connectors, electrical tape (or heatshrink), 3″ double-sided tape

Number of people recommended: 2

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DIY: Acura NSX Front Lip Replacement Installation Instructions

If you have a 1991 through 2001 Acura NSX and would like to replace the front lip (aka front under spoiler) with another OEM part or aftermarket lip, here’s how you do it:

Job: Install New Front Lip on Acura NSX

Difficulty: Easy

Time: Less than 1 hour

Tools required: Ratchet with 10 mm socket with extension or a deep socket

Number of people recommended: 1

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Review of the Nokia Lumia 1020 on AT&T Wireless

I have had the Nokia Lumia 1020 smartphone on AT&T Wireless for over a month now.  Overall, it’s a great phone with loads of potential.  There are several drawbacks, however, and most have to do with software issues.  Believe it or not, this is a good thing because it means that Microsoft can address them in future updates.

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Halal KFC Locations in Houston, Texas

Looking for halal fried chicken in the Houston area?  Great news! It seems that several Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) locations in and around Houston have started to serve zabiha halal chicken, upon request.

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How Insurance Agents will need to Conduct Business in the Future in Order to Compete and Survive

I am often asked about my take on the future of the insurance industry.  The industry is not going anywhere, that is for certain.  However, I do expect to see a drop in the number of agencies, especially in the independent insurance agency sector, because many will not mold their business practices and processes in time to handle the changes that are taking place.  The competition will slowly eat away chunks of their business by simply implementing low-cost or even no cost initiatives, only because they had the foresight to do so.

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DIY: Valentine 1 Radar Hardwire Install on BMW E93 Convertible Using a Wire Tap

Hardwiring your radar detector, in this case a Valentine 1 (commonly referred to as a v1), is a required mod on pretty much any car. It saves you from using one of your available cigarette lighter sockets, allows you to mount the radar high up on the windshield and most of all, it gets rid of that ugly power cord that gets in the way of so many things. To hardwire a radar simply means that you will use an alternate power source available in the vehicle allowing the radar to turn on and off with the ignition. The wiring is hidden for the most part and the radar can be mounted high up on the windshield for maximum performance.

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Review of the Samsung Galaxy 10.1 Tablet on Verizon’s 4G LTE Network

I recently purchased this iPad2 competitor (32GB version) and have been using it for almost 2 months now.  Hands down, it’s an iPad2 killer.  However, it could use some updates to make it even better.  My thoughts are below:

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DIY: Upgrade Lamborghini Murcielago with the LP640 or LP670 Taillight Conversion

In 2007, Lamborghini introduced some modest updates to the Murcielago line. Most of the significant changes were under the bonnet and interior, but slight changes were also made to the exterior. Of these, the most notable, in my opinion, is the replacing of the taillights with a new design. For someone who owns an older model Murcielago, this was an upgrade I was very interested in.

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How to Fix (DIY): Lamborghini Murcielago Window Fell Off of its Rail/Track

If you own a Lamborghini Murcielago, you probably know that you shouldn’t open or close your doors with the windows down, especially if the window is not all the way down. You should also know that you shouldn’t slam the doors, ever. You have to be patient with them and ideally, only operate them with the windows up all the way. Otherwise, you risk the windows falling off their tracks, leaving the power window inoperable. Sadly, this can easily be caused by others so it’s important you warn anyone who is opening or closing your door to do so gently. This is a common issue with Murcis so if it happens to you, don’t worry; there’s a fix for it and, if you put in the time, you can do it yourself in no time.

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How to Beat River Test on the BlackBerry PlayBook

“River Test” is a new game available for free in the BlackBerry App World for the PlayBook tablet.  The app is actually a virtual riddle and claims that it is used by employers in Japan during the employee interview process.  It further states that only 10% of the human race can solve this.

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Withdrawing a Filed Dispute from Your Credit Report

If you have ever disputed or hired someone to dispute an item on your credit report, there is a possibility that you still have an open dispute showing up on your credit history.  Normally, this doesn’t matter.  However, with the strict new guidelines associated with conventional mortgage loans, an open dispute is unacceptable and must be closed or removed.  FHA guidelines do allow open disputes, but you are limited to FHA funding amounts and fees.

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iPhone App Development in Houston, Texas

Do you have an idea for an iPhone application?  Are you in need of an iphone application developer in Houston?

The future of the software development business is in mobile application development.  Whether you want to build an app to make money or build it on a “freemium” model, it’s better you get in now before someone else brings your concept to reality.  Hundreds of apps across all platforms are being posted daily in the various app stores available by Apple, RIM (BlackBerry), Android and Windows Mobile devices.

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The Best Tres Leches Cake in Houston, Hands Down!

Do you want the best Tres Leces cake in Houston?  You have many options, but only one can be the best.  I’m not generally someone who enjoys cake, but I have a weakness for Tres Leches cakes to the point where I’ve become somewhat of an expert.

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Factors in Selecting the Right Insurance Agency Management System for Your Insurance Agency

To be profitable in the insurance business, it is important for property and casualty insurance agencies of all sizes to acknowledge that their success relies heavily on using a suitable insurance agency management system. Insurance agency management software applications have evolved over the last several years and now go well beyond simple policy tracking.

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What Is Driving the Creation of So Many Insurance Agency Management Systems Lately?

I was recently asked this question and wanted to share my response:

I think the driving factors are a combination of the following:

1. Frustrations by users who feel the current systems in the market are out-dated and hard to use.

2. New Technologies available, especially with web-based applications.

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Looks Sell and Some Auto Manufacturers Are Finally Realizing It

Over the last couple of decades, for some reason, automakers got comfortable in thinking they could build cars which had function, but no real thought put into form.  I partially blame this this on arrogance for some makers who thought people would buy anything they put out.  For others, they just couldn’t justify putting money into proper R&D and consumer feedback because they already had very tight margins in profitability to play with.  However, with the way the industry has been hurt due to the decline in economies worldwide, they had no choice but to shape up or close up.
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BlackBerry’s PlayBook: A Flop Upon Release?

Articles over the last couple of days have popped up stating how the yet-to-be-released PlayBook, RIM’s answer to Apple’s iPad, will require the use of a BlackBerry device (via a bluetooth connection) in order to function in terms of email, calendar, contacts, BBM, etc.  This is a major drawback to the device, which until this point, seemed like it would be far superior to any other tablet in the market till date.
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Privatize The Jail System!

There has been a lot of talk about how US manufacturing jobs are heading overseas and how we don’t export as many goods as we used to just 20 years ago.  This, to me, from an entrepreneurial perspective, makes sense.  Even though there are signs that the economy is resurrecting, companies, just like individuals, are realizing that they need to set money aside for the next set of rainy days.  There is no telling when they will come and no one wants to go through what they did over the last 30 months or so.

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Modifications to a 2008 White Land Rover Range Rover Sport HSE

I have completed several modifications to my Range Rover Sport to make it unique, but in a subtle way. Continue reading “Modifications to a 2008 White Land Rover Range Rover Sport HSE”

Starting an Insurance Agency? Here’s A Great Tip

Are you thinking about getting into the insurance business?  It’s definitely a great business to be in but not as easy as agents initially imagine.  Once you get your licensing in place and choose a location to operate from, the next thing you need to consider is the agency management system you will use to run your business.  It is not recommended to operate your business without one.  They help reduce your workload, make you more efficient and reduce E&O claims.  In fact, some E&O carriers require you to have an insurance agency management system or use insurance agency management software. Continue reading “Starting an Insurance Agency? Here’s A Great Tip”

Clean Up The Oil in the Gulf of Mexico With Swift Spill Separator

As we’ve been watching things unfold and get worse over the last several weeks with the oil spewing in the Gulf of Mexico, there is a product which has yet to be put to use which could really help remedy the situation.  The Swift Spill Separator is a patented and tested machine with can separate oil from water on a large volume basis.  It can process 15,000 gallons per hour and also allows the reuse of the oil which is separated! Continue reading “Clean Up The Oil in the Gulf of Mexico With Swift Spill Separator”

Insurance Agency Management System

Looking for a new insurance agency management software to run your independent insurance agency?  Look no further.  Check out Aspire by Impowersoft at http://www.TomorrowIsHere.com.  This software is truly revolutionary in many regards.  It not only manages your insurance book of business, but it also places marketing tools at the fingertips of insurance agents.  If you are using several applications to run different aspects of your business, you will no longer have to do so.  Continue reading “Insurance Agency Management System”

Aspire Insurance Agency Management System Highlights: Customer Portal

Aspire is a revolutionary insurance agency management system for P&C independent insurance agents in the US.  It has many unique and useful features which set it apart from the competition.  One of these features is the “Customer Portal.”
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Website/Logo Design and SEO/SEM

Many people do not know that Impowersoft has an entire department dedicated to Graphic Design.  We pride ourselves on having a creative team with great vision to build beautiful websites which are very functional and user friendly.  We also work with a great logo designer who has created logos for many of our clients.  Whether you are new in business or looking for an overhaul to your existing site, Impowersoft can help.  In addition to design, we can also assist with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) needs.  Most of our projects involve building a Content Management System (CMS) along with the site which allows our clients to modify aspects of the site themselves.  This reduces costs in the long run.  Typically, this is used for those customers who have frequently changing products, services, news, etc.
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Impowersoft’s New Office in Houston is Almost Complete!

After 3 months of great effort by several of our team members and contractors, our new Houston location for Impowersoft is almost complete.  We are very excited about this state-of-the-art environment which will house our executive, marketing, sales and implementation teams.  More information to follow.


United Nations Climate Change Conference 2009

The largest and arguably most important United Nations climate change conference opened Monday, with diplomats from 192 nations attending in what could be the best and last chance to strike a deal to protect the world from the increased effects of global warming. Leading up to the conference was two years of exhausting negotiations, commencing in an upbeat mood after a series of promises by emerging economies to curb their greenhouse gases. Continue reading “United Nations Climate Change Conference 2009”

Cleaning Products: Avoid Toxic Chemicals, Volatile Organic Compounds and Nonylphenol Ethoxylate

This weeks Green Tips article focuses on pollutants to our environment. Most of the conventional cleaning products used today are petroleum based and contain toxic chemicals and harmful volatile organic compounds known as VOC’s. VOC’s have been identified as one of the many contributors to ozone depletion, and have been proven to be hazardous to public health, causing nose and skin irritation, rashes, headaches, and respiratory infections. Continue reading “Cleaning Products: Avoid Toxic Chemicals, Volatile Organic Compounds and Nonylphenol Ethoxylate”

The Electric Vehicle Revolution is HERE!

Yet another important milestone was achieved for the Electric Vehicle (EV) revolution this past Tuesday when Vice President Joe Biden visited his home state of Delaware to announce the reopening of a former GM Manufacturing Plant that will be modified to produce electric vehicles. Continue reading “The Electric Vehicle Revolution is HERE!”

Project 350

This past Saturday, October 24th, marked an important day for activists’ worldwide as we participated in the single, largest global demonstration for climate change in history.  From Paris, France to Beijing, China – from Hyderbad, India to Houston, Texas, demonstrators from around the globe united under one banner – Project 350.  Painted on bodies and printed on shirts and towels, the number 350, representing in parts per million, carbon in our atmosphere, was heard throughout the world. People in 181 different countries, participating in over 5200 events, called for strong action and bold leadership on the climate crisis. Continue reading “Project 350”

Power Hungry Gadgets Can Be Costly

The major topics of discussion this week centered on the increasing demand of power hungry gadgets in the form of consumer electronics. This after the California Energy Commission proposed a plan to reduce the power consumption of new TV’s sold in the state by about half of what it is now in 2013.  Turns out that some of these flat screen televisions we’ve been buying are bigger consumers of electricity than some refrigerators. A recent article in the New York Times suggests  “the proliferation of personal computers, iPods, cell phones, and game amounts to the fastest-growing source of power demand in the world. Americans now have about 25 consumer electronic products in every household, compared with just three in 1980.” Continue reading “Power Hungry Gadgets Can Be Costly”

Having Fun While Going Green & Being Healthier

Everyone’s heard the same old adage, ‘take the stairs instead of the escalator to feel better and live healthier.’ Although most of us probably fail to take advantage of this, earlier this month, researchers in Stockholm experimented with something they have dubbed as the “fun theory.” By changing out a set of stairs in a subway in Odenplan, Stockholm to one that looked and sounded like a piano when stepped on, researchers found that 66% of subway goers were more likely to take the stairs than the adjacent escalator. By embedding a fun and attractive format encouraging people to use the stairs, researchers were able to alter people’s behavior for the better without them even knowing it.  This concept and others like it can be implemented to help save money, the environment, and most importantly, improve the health of participating individuals all while preserving an enjoyable and entertaining format.

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Water Shortage: A Worldwide Problem by 2020

Concerned increased over water conservation this past week when the United Nations Education and Scientific Council (UNESCO) published a report that predicted water shortage will be a serious worldwide problem by the year 2020. Let us evaluate the global picture. The Environmental Protection Agency  (EPA) suggests that in the United States, the biggest water consumer on Earth, the average American family uses 176 gallons of water per day compared to just 5 gallons of water the average African family uses. Continue reading “Water Shortage: A Worldwide Problem by 2020”

India is Setting the Solar Renewable Energy Standard

With all the talk of going green these days it’s no wonder that India is now setting progressive standards in which to expand its solar capacity.  Last month, following Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s visit they announced the solar mega-project, aimed at expanding India’s solar capacity from the current 3 megawatts (MW) to a reported 20 gigawatts (GW) by 2020 and furthermore 200 GW by 2050. These bold numbers form the centerpiece of a National Climate Change Strategy and will cost an estimated $20 billion dollars to implement.

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