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10 Things Apple Needs to Add/Fix in Future iPhone iOS Releases

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Apple’s iPhone is a great device overall.  Since it’s initial release in June 2007, the device has come a long way in terms of hardware, software and features.  The user interface is great and everyone from small children to our beloved elderly can master how to use it in a short period of time. However, even with the latest hardware (iPhone 4S) and iOS (version 5.1.1), there are some issues which I hope Apple addresses in upcoming releases.  Most are pretty basic and make me wonder how/why they haven’t been included for years.  My list is in no particular order. 1. The ringer volume/vibrate settings need to be updated.  Every other smart phone has three basic settings: Normal, Silent and Vibrate.  Why the iPhone doesn’t allow for these same settings without having to jump through hoops is a mystery I cannot seem to figure out.  Sure, there is a switch on the phone which lets you go from normal to silent and there are volume buttons which allow you to turn all sounds down to “almost” silent, but these do not accomplish exactly what most people are used to. 2. Adding ...

How Insurance Agents will need to Conduct Business in the Future in Order to Compete and Survive

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I am often asked about my take on the future of the insurance industry.  The industry is not going anywhere, that is for certain.  However, I do expect to see a drop in the number of agencies, especially in the independent insurance agency sector, because many will not mold their business practices and processes in time to handle the changes that are taking place.  The competition will slowly eat away chunks of their business by simply implementing low-cost or even no cost initiatives, only because they had the foresight to do so.    If the changes of the last decade are any indication of what’s to come, then insurance agents need to be ready to adapt in order to survive through this decade. Gone are the days when you established long-term, meaningful relationships with a majority of your clients. Today, insurance is becoming even more retail and talking to people on the phone or having face-to-face meetings is slowly fading as a means of communication. In this fast-paced society, people feel more efficient communicating through text messaging or social networks and they can just as easily meet with you virtually, saving time and money for everyone involved.   Virtual ...

DIY: Valentine 1 Radar Hardwire Install on BMW E93 Convertible Using a Wire Tap

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Hardwiring your radar detector, in this case a Valentine 1 (commonly referred to as a v1), is a required mod on pretty much any car. It saves you from using one of your available cigarette lighter sockets, allows you to mount the radar high up on the windshield and most of all, it gets rid of that ugly power cord that gets in the way of so many things. To hardwire a radar simply means that you will use an alternate power source available in the vehicle allowing the radar to turn on and off with the ignition. The wiring is hidden for the most part and the radar can be mounted high up on the windshield for maximum performance.   The good news is that hardwiring a radar detector is fairly easy to do and almost anyone can do it themselves with basic tools you should already have if you’re reading this post. Here are instructions on hardwiring a v1 radar on a 2008 BMW 335i convertible, but these instructions will apply to all e93 bmw models. On these vehicles, this install shouldn’t take more than 20-30 minutes and we will utilize the wire tap method as ...

DIY: Upgrade Lamborghini Murcielago with the LP640 or LP670 Taillight Conversion

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In 2007, Lamborghini introduced some modest updates to the Murcielago line. Most of the significant changes were under the bonnet and interior, but slight changes were also made to the exterior. Of these, the most notable, in my opinion, is the replacing of the taillights with a new design. For someone who owns an older model Murcielago, this was an upgrade I was very interested in.   Unfortunately, the new taillights are not simply plug-and-play when replacing them. Some modifications are necessary to the rear body of the car in order for the new lights to fit and some rewiring is also required. It sounds daunting, but I embarked on doing this conversion on my own with help from a very handy friend. For those who are somewhat handy, I thought I would provide some detailed instructions along with pictures of my experience while doing this project. The end result is well-worth the effort, this I assure you. For those that are curious, before and after photos are at the bottom of this page so you can see what a huge difference these new lights make.   What You Will Need · You can do ...

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