DIY: Acura NSX Rear Trunk Spoiler Replacement Installation Instructions

If you have a 1991 through 2005 Acura NSX and would like to replace the rear spoiler (aka trunk spoiler wing) with another OEM part or aftermarket spoiler, here’s how to do it:

Job: Install New Rear Wing on Acura NSX

Difficulty: Medium

Time: Less than 1 hour

Tools/parts required: Ratchet with 10 mm socket with extension or a deep socket, wire crimper/stripper, 2 butt splice connectors, electrical tape (or heatshrink), 3″ double-sided tape

Number of people recommended: 2

Replacing the rear spoiler on a 1991 to 2005 Acura NSX is pretty straight forward. I recommend having a helper around in order to avoid damaging the paint on your car when taking off the old spoiler and putting the new one on. Below are step by step instructions that can be used by anyone looking to swap out a spoiler for either another OEM spoiler or an aftermarket version like mine. I went with the Seibon Carbon NSX-R wing to give my car a more aggressive look. I am very happy with it.

2001 yellow acura nsx rear view bumper

The picture above is of the OEM wing before I started the process:

2001 yellow acura nsx rear spoiler

Above is another view of the OEM spoiler.


Open up the trunk. As in the pic above, there are 10 mm nuts that need to be removed. There are 3 on each side of the spoiler. Loosen them with your ratchet and put aside.


This is how it will look once you have the nuts removed.


The OEM spoiler has a few small pieces of double-sided tape holding it in place. They are very strong so removing them is a bit tricky.  I tried using some dental floss at first, but that wasn’t cutting it so I resorted to using a heat gun. It worked great. Look into the small space between the trunk and the spoiler and you will see where the tape is. Using a heat gun or hair dryer, apply some heat for a few seconds (waiving the gun left to right instead of just pointing it in one place). I did it for about 45 seconds over each piece on both sides.  Have your helper ready. As soon as you heat up the last piece, push up on the spoiler from the rear with some pressure and you’ll feel it slowly come apart. Once the last piece comes off, the spoiler is loose so make sure you don’t drop it or let it slide down the trunk…the bolts will scratch the paint. Be sure to catch it and then flip it over and place inside the trunk.


Now that the spoiler is off of the trunk, now you have to disconnect the wire for the brake light. There is a black rubber gasket, pull it up and then you’ll be able to pull out more wire. Once you see the connector (see pic above), disconnect it and now the spoiler is free and can be set aside. Peel off the remaining double-sided tape on the trunk or spoiler (use heat gun again if you have to). This is also a good time to clean off all of the dirt and grime that built up under the spoiler over the years using some quick detail spray and a microfiber cloth.


As stated above, I went with the Seibon Carbon fiber NSX-R with brake light spoiler for the Acura NSX. It came with the spoiler, brake light, some stick-on foam padding lines, some padding for the bolts and some plastic pieces (see pic above).  You can discard the plastic pieces…they are used as guides for drilling holes for those that didn’t have a spoiler already (which all NSXs do).


Put the new spoiler inside your trunk carefully. Take the foam padding strips and cut them to make a border around the bottom of the spoiler where it will touch the trunk. See pic above.


Take the sticky bold padding and add them above each hole like in the pic above.


Next, we need to connect the brake light wire. Since I went with an aftermarket spoiler, I wanted to leave the connector intact just in case I ever need to revert back to the OEM spoiler. So I cut the wire a couple of inches after the connector. Then I connected the connector back to the wire attached to the OEM spoiler and put it all away.


You will have 2 14 gauge wires coming out of the trunk to work with. Strip about 1/2″ from both.


There are 2 18 gauge wires coming out of the Seibon wing, strip those about 1/2″, too.


Now connect the wires. The Seibon spoiler has a plain red wire and another red wire with a black stripe. Whereas, one of the OEM wires is green with a white strip and the other is black. Connect the plain red wire to the green/white wire and connect the red/black wire to the black wire. Now call your helper over again to see if the brake light works (one of you will get in the car and turn it on and press the brake while the other stands in the back and looks at the brake light. If it works, then you’re good to go. If not, try switching the wires. If that still doesn’t work, contact the seller or Seibon Carbon’s help line at 626-968-2010.


Assuming you’re ready to move on, turn the car off and disconnect the wires you previously connected. Using a couple of small butt splice connectors, insert the matching wires into each end and crimp. If you’ll be using heat shrink, apply that over this as well. Do this for both wires. If you want to test the brake light function again, that would probably be a good idea.


Now we need to cover up the join. You can use electrical tape and be done (like I did). Or, if you’re really fancy, use heat shrink tubing (which should have already been put on before the join was made) and then use a heat gun to shrink it over the join.

The hole in the trunk is still there and since the black gasket went with the OEM spoiler, I wanted to cover this up. Although this is probably overkill (I don’t see how water can get in there once the new spoiler is on), just do it for peace of mind. I used a small piece of double sided tape and cut it the length of the hole.

acura nsx spoiler brake light wiring

I then cut out a slit into it to allow the wire to come out the side facing closest to the rear of the car. Then I applied one side down on the trunk to cover the hole.

diy instructions acura nsx spoiler

It’s time to mount the new spoiler. Take off the cover from the double-sided tape that is covering the hole. Then grab your helper yet again to set it in place and fish the excess wiring into the hole in the trunk. Have them hold the spoiler in place. The fitment of the Seibon NSX r wing was perfect in terms of matching up with the holes and it also came with it’s own bolts so I put the OEM nuts away with the spoiler. Put all the bolts in and hand tighten. After all are on, go back and again and hand tighten all. You do not need to tighten with all of your force so do not over tighten each bolt. Just make sure each is secure.

2001 yellow acura nsx seibon carbon fiber nsx r wing

This is what the finished product looks like! I’m very happy with the way it turned out.

acura nsx seibon carbon nsx r spoiler brake light

Another angle.

yellow acura nsx seibon carbon fiber nsx r spoiler

Another angle.

I rank the Seibon NSX-R spoiler as follows (1 to 10 with 1 being the worst and 10 being the best):

Build Quality: 10

Fitment: 9

Finish: 10

Price/Value: 10

Comments: The Seibon spoiler for the Acura NSX is awesome. It is priced right and quality is above what I imagined it would be. I wish it came with instructions, but this is why I made this post. Fitment of the bolts was perfect but I do wish a bit more attention was paid to how it rests on the car. Nothing big to complain about, however. The finish is gorgeous with a great weave and comes with a layer of clear coat applied, giving it a glossy finish. I plan to add an additional layer of clear coat and then put some clear bra film over it.