LED Interior and Exterior Bulbs for 1991-2005 Acura NSX

The first generation Acura NSX definitely has a timeless design. However, some aspects of it are dated now. A quick, easy and cost-effective way to modernize your NSX is to update the lighting, both inside and out.

For the interior and most of the exterior bulbs, I went with the complete kit from Ikonik LED. You can purchase them here. I also purchased their Bulb Removal Tool kit. They are not really necessary but I figured they would be good to have for this and other projects requiring plastic tools as opposed to metal.  The kit came with the following:

1 LED Map Light
2 LED Door Lights (Driver/Passenger)
1 LED Driver Floor Light
1 LED Trunk Light
2 LED License Plate Lights
4 LED Side Markers Lights
2 LED Reverse Lights
2 LED Inner Taillight Lights

I have no error lights after this install so I can vouch for that.

ikonik led acura nsx lights

I ordered the kit and tools and within a couple of days, the package above arrived.

ikonik led light kit for acura nsx

When you open the box, you’ll see the lights organized in foam pad like above. My kit did not come with any instructions but referring back to the order page, I just printed the list of where all the bulbs go and took it from there. I would say that all of the bulbs are fairly easy to replace except for the one in the driver footwell.  It was a real pain for me to get that out but eventually, I was able to.

The rest of the interior lights and the trunk light are a breeze. Just remember, if you plug in one of the new LED bulbs and it doesn’t work, simply take it out and flip it horizontal and plug back in. They all go in 1 way only and you’ll not know which way until you actually plug them in. My kit also came with an extra bulb.

For the front side marker bulbs, you’ll need to pry out the fastener holding the fender liner in place in front of both front wheels. Once you get it out, simply stick your finger inside and push on the rear of the side marker and it will pop out from the back. Carefully pull it out, change your bulb and then snap back in place.

For the rear side marker bulbs, use one of their plastic tools or your own and pry into the light from the back side carefully and it, too, will pop out. Change the bulb and put back.

The license plate bulbs are held in place within a housing (2 screws per bulb). Easy to get out but a little tricky to put back so be patient. Before putting anything back, be sure to test the bulbs first to make sure they work…otherwise you’ll have to take them out again to turn the bulb position.

Here are some before and after pics:

door panel ikonik led kit

Door panel lights (one for each door)

ikonik led driver footwell acura nsx

Driver’s side foot well light

acura nsx map light led by ikonik

Center map light


I also decided to add LED headlight bulbs. Not only do they modernize the Acura NSX, but they provide for safer driving at night. If you’ve owned a car with HID lights, it’s hard to go back to regular lighting. The LED headlight kit was purchased from HIDs R Us. They have many different HID and LED options to choose from, but I went with the following specs which would work for any NSX from 1991 through 2001:

• 45W LED Conversion KIT
• Color: 6000k
• Fitment: Low Beam

You will not need the relay kit they sell for an additional charge so do not buy it. I had EVS Motors do the install because my car was there for a couple of other things.  It actually ended up being a bit difficult and the housing had to be modified to get it to fit. But in the end, it is a BIG difference and I’m very happy with it.