Aspire Insurance Agency Management System Highlights: Customer Portal

Aspire is a revolutionary insurance agency management system for P&C independent insurance agents in the US.  It has many unique and useful features which set it apart from the competition.  One of these features is the “Customer Portal.”

Aspire’s Customer Portal is a customer facing application which integrates with Aspire as well as the agent’s own website.  Once a prospect becomes a client, each agency has the ability to create a user account for the customer by a simple click of  a button.  The customer will receive an email from the agent notifying them that an account has been created and also provides them with the link to access the portal, username (their email address) and a temporary password.  Upon their first login, they will be asked to change their password and then they will see a welcome message from the agency (which the agency can modify from time to time for marketing purposes).


From here, the client will have access to many functions such as a request center, documents, claims, payments, recommendations, profile, etc.


  • The request center allows the customer to request information, quotes, documents and more.
  • The documents module displays anything the agent would like to share with them such as Auto ID cards, Certificates of Insurance, electronic copies of their policy, etc.
  • The claims section allows your client to submit new claims to the agency.


  • Payment history can be viewed through the payments module.


  • The recommendations module allows the agent to post carrier recommendations on the customer portal.  The customer portal will notify the client of the recommendation and automatically remind them up due dates until it is closed.  The agent will also receive notifications of due dates.


  • The profile section allows the client to update their contact information, settings, notification options and more.


All these tie in directly with Aspire and when used, send notifications to the agent of the customer’s activity.  This technology provides your clients the means to do business with you in a way that only some of the direct writers can provide.  This also saves you and your staff time by limiting phone interactions and with the built in audit trail, you are protected from E&O issues.


To find out more or see a demo of this great feature, visit the website for Aspire Insurance Agency Management System at

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