BlackBerry’s PlayBook: A Flop Upon Release?

Articles over the last couple of days have popped up stating how the yet-to-be-released PlayBook, RIM’s answer to Apple’s iPad, will require the use of a BlackBerry device (via a bluetooth connection) in order to function in terms of email, calendar, contacts, BBM, etc.  This is a major drawback to the device, which until this point, seemed like it would be far superior to any other tablet in the market till date.

I have no idea why RIM would limit their market to those using BB devices when this could have serious global appeal to non-BB users.  The fact that you must use a BB device to access such key features is a joke.  I have patiently been waiting for this device to come out so I could switch my phone to an Android-enabled phone.  However, I love the email functions and use BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) constantly and thought I could use the new PlayBook to manage these aspects, while using another device as a phone and of course, with hundreds of thousands of available applications (unlike what BB App World has to offer).


Now I have determined that the PlayBook is no longer worth waiting for, no matter how good the specs are.  RIM needs to offer a version of the PlayBook, at release, which can literally replace a BlackBerry except for the phone part (for which you should be able to use Skype).  Catering to the ever decreasing BB market only is a blunder of enormous proportions.


Sorry RIM, but you’ve screwed up on this.  I guess I’m going to get a Samsung Galaxy and just wait for the Storm 3 to come out.  Boo!