Looks Sell and Some Auto Manufacturers Are Finally Realizing It

Over the last couple of decades, for some reason, automakers got comfortable in thinking they could build cars which had function, but no real thought put into form.  I partially blame this this on arrogance for some makers who thought people would buy anything they put out.  For others, they just couldn’t justify putting money into proper R&D and consumer feedback because they already had very tight margins in profitability to play with.  However, with the way the industry has been hurt due to the decline in economies worldwide, they had no choice but to shape up or close up.

Hence, there has been a recent awakening in the automotive world.  Cars are becoming more and more appealing to the eye and automakers are putting in large amounts of dough to bring on talented designers to create unique and eye-catching designs.


Take the Korean brands as a leading example.  Both Kia and Hyundai have raised the bar not only in looks, but also in every other statistic on which their vehicles are tested.  More power, more luxury, more standard features, quality materials, less exterior sound, better fuel efficiency and, in most cases, the lowest pricing compared to other vehicles in the same class.  Best of all, we’re not talking about econo-boxes anymore.  Hyundai is competing with Lexus, BMW, Mercedes and others with the Genesis and recently released Equus. These cars are simply amazing.  In fact, I think they should give me one so I can go around promoting for them.


Our American automakers are also going through an automotive renaissance of sorts.  Gone are the days of the Chevy Corsica, Pontiac Aztec and many more creations that were never worthy of our wide open highways.  Their simple function was to get you from point A to B, nothing more, nothing less.


We, as consumers, should be pleased with this transformation, as we are the true benefactors.  Due to competition, the automobile is quickly evolving in terms of design, safety, power, fuel efficiency, technology and much more and we will all reap the benefits.