Modifications to a 2008 White Land Rover Range Rover Sport HSE

I have completed several modifications to my Range Rover Sport to make it unique, but in a subtle way.

The first task was to install my beloved Valentine One (aka V1) radar detector. The cigarette lighter up front in the Range Rover sport is is not really designed to power anything else other than a cigarette lighter. Besides, it’s always nice not to have a wire showing. I purchased the hardwire kit from Valentine and then followed the instructions available at this link to complete the install. It took only about 30 minutes. Here’s what the completed project looks like:

range rover sport valentine 1 hard wire install

Next, I felt that the interior lighting from factory on this car is sub-par. Especially since I have a black interior, at night, it’s very dark. So I ordered an LED interior light package from Custom Creations. Once they arrived, I spent about an hour in removing all of the factory bulbs and replacing them with hyper white LED bulbs. I changed out all of the interior bulbs and also decided to change the bulbs above the rear license plate. It’s stunning at night.

range rover sport LED interior lights

range rover sport LED license plate lights

range rover sport LED interior lights in front

LED interior lights for range rover sport rear seat

LED license plate lighting for range rover sport

I then went a little overboard and decided to also add LED bulbs to the headlight parking lamps. You have to remove the headlight to do this.

LED head light bulb for range rover sport

LED parking light bulbs on range rover sport in the dark

I’m not a fan of the amber color. I therefore can’t stand amber side markers you typically find on cars. I found a set of clear side markers on eBay along with chrome bulbs. The chrome bulbs are great because you won’t see an amber bulb through the clear side marker. However, upon lighting up, the bulbs do blink in an amber color so legally, you are safe.

This picture is before the change (stock side markers):

stocck range rover sport side marker

This picture is after changing the side markers to the clear version with chrome bulb;

range rover sport clear side marker with chrome bulb

Next, I had to get some wheels, lower the car and also add the factory range rover sport side steps (aka running boards). I wanted 22” wheels and was only interested in a silver finish. There are plenty of options when it comes to 2-tone wheels or wheels in different colors. However, if you want that factory look with a bigger size, you are limited. I used to own a Range Rover HSE before and had 22” Stormer wheels. I didn’t want the same wheels so I started my search. I found that CPW had an interesting design called the LR-22-311. I had them coat them with a straight silver finish and then send them to me. I ordered some Yokohama tires (285/25/22) on sale at Tire Rack. CPW sent the wheels to me in excellent packaging and the finish turned out exactly the way I envisioned them to be. In my opinion, the side steps are a must have. I love them because they really change the look of the car too. I ordered them from my local dealer.

For the suspension, I looked into buying both a lowering module as well as a link kit. The lowering modules were quite expensive so I decided to buy a set of Ghost Links. I ordered them on eBay.

I went to Redline Auto Sports in Southwest Houston to have the suspension, wheels/tires and running boards installed. The owner, Shaheen Bekdeley, is a great guy who takes pride in his work. He’s honest and very reasonable in pricing.

It took a few tries to get the suspension height to the way I wanted, but we finally got it right. we initially set the links at 15mm each. Although the car looked great, the ride was horrible. So we adjusted the back to 12.5mm and the front to 10mm. Then it rode much better.


silver 22 in wheels on white range rover sport

I then added tint to the front windows to match the factory tint on the rear of the car. I bought pre-cut tint for my car on eBay and did the install. Came out great and took about 30 minutes of my time.

Below are some before and after photos of my RRS.

stock white 2008 range rover sport

white range rover sport with 22 inch wheels

I asked my friend, Jawad, to help me take some pictures of my car. We tried in a few different locations and we got pictures which are cool enough to be used as wallpapers! So I thought I’d share them.

white land rover range rover sport wallpaper 1920x1080

white range rover sport wallpaper

range rover sport wallpaper in garage at night

white range rover sport wallpaper in garage