Review of the Samsung Galaxy 10.1 Tablet on Verizon’s 4G LTE Network

I recently purchased this iPad2 competitor (32GB version) and have been using it for almost 2 months now.  Hands down, it’s an iPad2 killer.  However, it could use some updates to make it even better.  My thoughts are below:

1. Sleek design
2. Quality materials and workmanship
3. Clear and bright screen
4. Great processing power
5. Thousands of useful apps available
6. Easy to use and understand layout and functions
7. Calendar is great and functions better than on any other Android OS I’ve ever used
8. Great size keyboard and allows for normal typing if on a flat surface
9. The Verizon 4G LTE network is blazing fast and really makes this tablet handy anywhere you go
10. The wifi connections are great and do not randomly disconnect from networks like the iPad does frequently
11. Real, full internet with Flash support

1. Battery life could definitely be improved on.  Mine lasts only about 1.5 days and I use it at most for an hour total each day.
2. The email application needs the most amount of work.  Although it is laid out well, it lacks the ability to search through email and also does not allow you to view only unread mail.  For any business user, these capabilities are must haves.  Good news is that they are software based needs so hopefully we’ll see them added in future updates.
3. The power button must be held for too long in order to power up the device.  I think 3-5 seconds is sufficient.  It feels like you must hold the button for 10 seconds before. The unit even starts to pwoer up.
4. Boot up time needs to be improved
5. Sound quality from the built in sound can use an upgrade

Overall, I’m very happy with it.  Unlike my BlackBerry PlayBook, this device is used daily for many things, not just web browsing.  I also purchased the wireless keyboard from Zagg which is made by Logitech.  This is a must have accessory for everyone and with it, you ALMOST never need a laptop.

For most of my gripes, since they are software-related, I definitely think Samsung will provide updates which will include fixes.  For the hardware issues, it’s safe to say they won’t be possible in this model, but I’m sure they will be improved on in a future model.