The Electric Vehicle Revolution is HERE!

Yet another important milestone was achieved for the Electric Vehicle (EV) revolution this past Tuesday when Vice President Joe Biden visited his home state of Delaware to announce the reopening of a former GM Manufacturing Plant that will be modified to produce electric vehicles.

Fisker Automotive of Irvine, California, will invest over $175 million dollars to retool the plant with hopes to put a number of former GM and Chrysler employees, living in the surrounding Delaware counties, back to work. The 60-year-old plant used to produce the Saturn Sky, Pontiac Solstice, and Opel GT but was closed in July forcing the layoffs of 1,100 employees. Fisker will reportedly pay $18 million for the facility and equipment alone, and will qualify for tax credits from the state of Delaware. These developments come as the company positions itself to manufacture an electric vehicle under the name “Project Nina”, which is expected to sell for $39,900 after applied tax incentives. The plant is expected to create over 2,000 jobs when it becomes operational, which is expected to be in 2011, and an additional 3,000 jobs indirectly once fully operational three years later. Two years ago, Fisker Automotive received a $528 million loan from the Department of Energy and plans to use some of the money to retool the Delaware plant.

With the advent of new technology in EV’s, many problems of the past have now been resolved including battery capacity, speed, and safety. The new EV’S will be a practical alternative for eco-conscious shoppers.  Imagine going into a car dealership and having the ability to choose between an electric and gasoline vehicle. Chetan Naini, vice chairman of Reva Electric Car Company in Bangalore, India, was the first to identify the need for Electric Vehicles as he began producing EV’S eight years ago and is now racing to build Reva’s battery-powered cars for the global market. Smaller cars like those created by Reva are becoming the new standard. Last month, Reva reached a deal with General Motors to use their technology in the electric version of the new Chevrolet Spark that is expected to go on sale in India by the end of the year. Reva is also under negotiations for a contract to build and produce their EV’s to the American public by utilizing a recently closed plant in Detroit, Michigan. With EV’s available right now and plans for even more models and styles available soon, we can all welcome with open arms, the arrival of the main stream Electric Vehicle!

As always, here are this weeks Green Tips!

Green Tip #1: Eat Fresh! Frozen food uses 10x more energy to produce and has less nutrition than fresh food while being loaded with preservatives. Choose organic and always eat fresh fruits and veggies!

Green Tip# 2: Buy Green Power! Many electric companies offer energy that is derived from renewable resources that can be purchased as a percent of total energy used or in blocks of kilowatts. Buying green energy supports the development and use of renewable resources while helping stop global warming!

Green Tip #3: Reduce your Waste! Americans consume 400–500 beverage containers annually – choose beverages made from glass and then recycle to reduce waste.

This article was contributed by Sohail Hassan, President & CEO of Inergy Solutions, LLC.  You can learn more about Inergy Solutions at